Product Details1. Glass Hammer - Valkyrie - Arion Records / Sound Resources

This is hands down the best prog rock album of 2016.  Glass Hammer continues to deliver album after album.  Their sound is reminiscent of the early to mid 70s which is the greatest era of prog.  VALKYRIE’s musical mixture of Genesis, Yes and Kansas and the vocal of Susan Bogdanowic makes for a prog geek like myself dreams come true.

Product Details2. Metallica - Hardwared... To Self-Destruct - Blackened Recordings

 I really liked DEATH MAGNETIC, but I LOVE HARD WIRED… TO SELF DESTRUCT.  In my opinion this should have been what ST. ANGER was not.  This album clicks on all four cylinders.  I will admit, Metallica never ceases to amaze me in how they can keep re-inventing themselves and staying relevant.

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3. Anthrax - For All Kings - Megaforce Records

With the return of Joey Belladonna for their WORSHIP MUSIC album, I never would have thought that Anthrax would have been able to top that masterpiece.  I was wrong.  FOR ALL KINGS is in my opinion definitely one of my top three Anthrax albums of all time.  It’s heavy, It’s melodic and it’s good ole thrash metal at its best.

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4. Testament - Brotherhood of the Snake - Nuclear Blast

This album is HEAVY period.  Wow, Chuck Billy sounds fantastic, and Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson’s guitar duo drives this beast like a freight train.  From the cover art to the production BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE is the epitome of all things heavy metal.  

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5. Opeth - Sorceress - Nuclear Blast

There is something about Opeth that is a mystery.  They are heavy metal, they are acoustic and melodic, and they are epic.  This is one band you need to hear as words cannot truly explain this anomaly called Opeth.  This is a great album that is best experienced with a good set of headphones in a dark room.

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