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  • ARCHER - Culling The Weak (Review)

    Archer Culling the Weak Metalville Records Release Date: August 21, 2015 Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA , Archer are a Rock N Roll inspired trio with a heavy metal flare. Culling the Weak is their debut album for Metalville Records, also...
  • WILSON - Right to Rise (Review)

    is a lot of good Rock and Roll out there these days so if you are into bands like Rival Sons, Fuel, Scorpion Child, or Archer, then you’ll find plenty to love here. With that said, Right to Rise takes a ballsier approach to the sound with huge guitars,...
  • ORCHID - Sign of the Witch (Review)

    you are looking for a point of reference, they lean closer to Scorpion Childor Electric Wizard than they do Rival Sons or Archer. It’s the seventies style, hazy production here that really moves me though. It takes their music to a whole other place. Is...

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