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  • RUSH - Time Stand Still (DVD Review)

    Rush Time Stand Still (DVD) ZOE/Anthem/Ole Release Date: November 18, 2016 Time Stand Still is the document of what is generally believed to be Rush’s final tour. I use the term “believe” loosely here because by all accounts throughout the...
  • REBEL SCUM - DVD (Review)

    striving for something more than the day to day life of an addict. Reviewed by Jim 1340 This text will be replaced #RebelScumDVD #TheDirtyWorks #MVD #WildEyeReleasing #Punk #DVD #Jim1340
  • ADAM ANT - The Blueblack Hussar (Review)

    Adam Ant The Blueblack Hussar MVD Video http://www. Release Date: October 15, 2015 Throughout the 1980's Adam Ant was a cultural icon. His war painted face was immediately recognizable, as was the catchy beat of his music....

    science fiction will find much to enjoy. Reviewed by Jim1340 [hmyt] [/hmyt] #ChildrenOfTheStars #DVDreview #BillingsgateMedia #SciFi #Documentary #Unarius #SpaceBrothers #Jim1340

    assumptions, and is, in many ways, the oral history of a movement. Reviewed by Jim 1340 This text will be replaced #SaladDaysDVD #MVDVisual #Jim1340 #Punk
  • I Need A Dodge: Joe Strummer on the Run (Review)

    not without its fair share of both joy and disappointment. All of this is presented in a package that contains not only the DVD but a cassette of the 1997 interview, a postcard, and a Joe Strummer one million one dollar bill. For Clash fans and punk...
  • GLASS HAMMER - Double Live (Review)

    their stellar new 16th studio CD THE BREAKING OF THE WORLD and their recent DOUBLE LIVE Deluxe Edition featuring 2 CD and 1 DVD. Surprisingly with their extensive discography this is actually the band's first live releases in over 10 years. DOUBLE LIVE...
  • The Dead Daisies- Live & Louder

    bits. The western style lyrics will surely bring a smile to ZZ Top fans’ faces as well. The album also includes a DVD that has a “Behind-The-Scenes” feature. It’s pretty much a compilation of cool moments from the tour intermixed with interview footage...
  • DIE KRUPPS - Live Im Schatten Der Ringe (Review)

    With The Thrill Kill Kult, among others. After more than three decades Die Krupps have finally graced fans with a live CD/DVD, Live Im Schatten Der Ringe. What can fans expect from a live Die Krupps album? Amazing, huge sound. I’m not a guy who listens...
  • R.I.P. Jon Bunch

    he was still an excellent front man. Unfortunately, FSF went on hiatus after only one record with Jon. There is a great live DVD The Final Curtain that features Bunch singing songs from all three Further Seems Forever eras. This is worth your time if...

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