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  • TUFF SUNSHINE (Inteview)

    Tuff Sunshine is one of those bands that have a sound that is equal parts familiar and new. They are a melding of classic and modern sounds that just makes you feel good. We at 1340mag were instantly interested by this band's blend of classic rock,...
  • VOICES OF RUIN (Interview)

    the world. You know who you are! Voices of Ruin loves you all!! We will be shredding in a town near you! #VoicesofRuin #Inteview #Metal #Mark1340
  • MEANGIRLS - Morgan McCoy (Interview)

    our Facebook page. We post new merch, interviews, shows, and whatever else on there. RF: Thank you very much! #MeanGirls #Inteview #Punk #Rob1340

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