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  • MEANGIRLS - Morgan McCoy (Interview)

    MeanGirls have put out one of the most exciting punk albums to come out this year with their debut full-length Squirm. It's an excellent combination of angst, agression and passion that has the raw emotion that made punk what it was. I had the chance...
  • Rob1340's Album of the Year List

    ambient segments. It's amazing two people can make something this massive. Hardcore will never die, but you will. 5. MeanGirls - Squirm - Close Quarters Coalition Non-binary punk rock from Texas. MeanGirls could be the kid brother of early stage Coheed...
  • CLOSE QUARTERS COALITION - Kyle McCoy (Labels We Love Interview)

    bands? KM: This year, we’ve released Thisistoodifficult’s self-titled EP, Gospel & The Wolf’s “Winter Tour Demos”, and MeanGirls’ “Demo 2015”. MeanGirls is the easiest to explain—my sister plays in the band. There’s nepotism for you! I accept it. That...

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