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  • ORCHID - Sign of the Witch (Review)

    Orchid Sign of the Witch EP Nuclear Blast Release Date: July 17, 2015 I’m stoked to see Orchid back on the attack as The Mouths of Madness was such a spectacular rock fest. Sign of the Witch is their brand new EP, featuring four...
  • TURBOWOLF - Two Hands (Review)

    Date: May 26, 2015 Do you love the Rock and Roll Revivalist movement? If Rival Sons, Scorpion Child, Wilson, The Answer, Orchid, and the like are your bag baby then Turbowolf is ready to turn it up and turn you on with Two Hands ! This is my first...
  • ARCHER - Culling The Weak (Review)

    edge than many of the bands. A lot of this comes from the vocals, which lean less towards the bluesy style of bands like Orchid or Rival Sons and more towards the simple, snarky, and straightforward approach of, say, James Hetfield or Dave Mustaine. At...

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