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  • KITTY IN A CASKET - Kiss & Hell (Review)

    punk, fronted by the eye catching and ear pleasing Kitty Casket, was 2013’s Bittersweet . The band’s mix of punk rock, rockabilly, and straight ahead rock is as infectious as a zombie virus accidentally released from a secret government lab. Monstrous...
  • DISSIDENT PROPHET - Red Moon Rising (Review)

    of influences. Interwoven into the bedrock of U2, Crowded House and Echo & the Bunnymen are liberal amounts of folk, rockabilly and punk, and an apocalyptic vision that is at the core of the band’s message. If the sound of the band’s name evokes images...

    of his experiences trying to figure out who he is as he explores all of the things that make his existence unique. The Rockabilly swagger of “St. Saul” both fun and powerful as Miller declares Saul of Tarsus the man that put “the holy in the Holy Land,”...
  • THE RAYGUN COWBOYS - Heads Are Gonna Roll! (Review)

    and is recommended to check out. Reviewed by Drew 1340 This text will be replaced #TheRaygunCowboys #HeadsAreGonnaRoll #Rockabilly #Psychobilly #Drew1340

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