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  • BATTALION OF SAINTS - Battalion Of Saints (Review)

    incarnation of the band has some seriously hardcore royalty among its membership. Mike Vega’s regular gig is drummer for thrash masters Hirax, while bassist Matt Vicknair and guitarist Nate Javier have played in legendary hardcore band Angry Samoans....
  • ANNIHILATOR - Suicide Society (Review)

    NYC hardcore approach. “Creepin’ Again” is one of the best examples of what this album is capable of. It’s ferociously thrashy with a heavily melodic chorus that soars without letting up on the breakneck speed fans always hope for. Waters snarls, talks,...
  • STORMHAMMER - Echoes of a Lost Paradise (Review)

    Manni Ewender (guitars) Horst Teßmann (bass) and Chris Widmann (drums) in the creation of what can only be called ‘power-thrash’. If you are familiar at all with German power metal (i.e. Blind Guardian, Helloween. Gamma Ray) then you have a pretty good...

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