Some bands come along and blow your mind completely. ZEUS! did just this with their recent release Motomonotono a destructive combination of punk noise and mechanical efficiency. Recently Rob had the chance to chat with Luca the bass player of this Italian duo and here is what was exchanged...

Rob: What made you and Paolo decide to start ZEUS!?
Luca: We've been playing together for 13 years in several bands. Last one we had together, Transgender, broke up in 2008 and then me and Paolo kept playing in reharsal room, looking for guitar players, bass players, singers and so on. Meanwhile we recorded all we could on Protools. In almost two years we couldn't find anyone who joined the band so we thought "f*ck off, let's play just in two!". The rest is history.
Rob: What was your first show as ZEUS! like?
Luca: Two friends of us obliged us to play a show in a small place where they were organizing concerts. It was in December 2009. With a deadline we were forced to have a repertory (and a name)! Our friends knew about our biblical times...that show wasn't unforgettable but it was enough to say "yes, it works".
Rob: How would you describe playing as ZEUS! live? Is it different from playing in your other bands?
Luca: Yes, of course! It's phisically and mentally very intense. It could be described as a 50 minutes extreme decathlon.
Rob: Do you have any plans to tour the States anytime soon?
Luca: Unfortunately not at the moment. We would love to, but playing in the States it's quite tricky and expensive too. Some US bands themselves advise us against touring in the US! But we want to do it and we must do it.
Rob: If you could tour with any other band, who would it be?
Luca: If they still existed, I would like to tour with Pantera. I'm a big fan of their Vulgar Video.
Rob: What is the last record you listened to?
Luca: If you mean the most recent release I listened to that's the last one from GodspeedYou!BlackEmperor.
Rob: What records were you listening to when you wrote Motomonotono?
Luca: Oh, I can't remember if it was during the writing of Motomonotono, which was a long process, but in this last year I listened a lot to Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach, Bartok's strings quartets, Connan Mockasin's Forever Dolphin Love and, of course, whatever from Brutal Truth.
Rob: What does Motomonotono mean to you?
Luca: It's a wordplay formed with the words "monotono" (monotonous) and "moto" (motion). It's an oxymoron which describes the musical concept of the album which is about something that's monotonous, boring, repetitive but at the same time in motion, in evolution, in progression.
Rob: When and how did you meet JP from Three One G?
Luca: It was at the end of 2011. We were the opening act of Retox in Milan. I remember that JP came to us before the soundcheck (we were setting the merch table) and asked us if we were ZEUS!. He already knew and liked our music and our "Grindmaster Flesh" videoclip. He asked us our vinyl, our first album. We had a couple of shows in Italy with Retox, so we just had fun and knew each other. Months later during the recording of Opera we asked him if he wanted to sing in a song ("Sick and Destroy") and if he wanted to release our album with ThreeOneG. He was happy and stoked about that. And so me and Paolo!
Rob: Who are some Italian bands those of us on this side of the Atlantic should know?
Luca: Some names: Zu, Inferno, Uochi Toki, Father Murphy,Gerda, C'Mon Tigre, Mombu, Surgical Beat Bros, Neo, Junkfood. Allow me to suggest some European bands out of Italy. I like very much French bands in general. Some names: Le Singe Blanc, WarsawwasraW (they're in 31G like us), Headwar. Knalpot from Holland are cool too.
Rob: Do either of you follow football (soccer)? If so, who do you support?
Luca: We don't give a f*ck about soccer! I just followed it when I was a kid, and in those times I supported Genoa. The reason was that Genoa had a long haired player, Tomas Skuhravy: to me long hair meant "metal kid".
Rob: What was the record that made you fall in love with punk/metal music?
Luca: When I was at primary school I flirted with stuff like AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue. Then I listened to Slayer's Season In The Abyss...
Rob: Where can people go to get more information about Zeus!?
Luca: Here are the links:
But maybe, the best is talking with us after a concert.

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