Voices of Ruin’s sophomore record, Born of the Dark, is a delightfully dark ride through the world of Melodic Death Metal. It hearkens back to a time when the Gothenburg scene ruled metal and bands like Dark Tranquility, Gardenian, In Flames, Hypocrisy, Arch Enemy, and Soilwork were creating masterworks. Needless to say, this album got me so pumped that I had to reach out to the band and find out more about them.

Here is what vocalist David Barrett had to tell me!

Interview by Mark1340


Mark: How are things going with the release of the new album? Is it more exciting or nerve-wracking at this particular moment? 

David: So far pretty damn amazing, the response has been awesome! Being an independent release there was definitely some extra work to put in, but I wouldn’t say nerve-wracking. The whole band was straight up anxious to get the music out there! 

Mark: From the very first moments of Born of the Dark I felt like I had been transported back to the mid-to-late nineties when bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Moonspell, Soilwork, and that whole scene was just breaking out. It was such a powerful moment in music history. Was capturing that feel on your agenda at all when writing these songs? Were there certain ideas or conventions that you felt needed to be at the forefront of your sound on the album?

David: Thanks man! Funny you mention those bands, my very first live music experience was In Flames in 1999 in support of the Clayman album. I remember drinking beers and whiskey in the car before the show blasting the tunes! We were too young to drink in the club. Me and my brother (Tom Barrett – Lead Guitar) have been listening to those bands since we were kids. Tom has always had his signature sound, I think it has really been pivotal to us and our music. 

Mark: I assume at least some of those bands are an influence on your sound. Would you agree? What bands specifically do you look at as pillars of your sound?

David: I’d be lying if I said no! I think listening to early In Flames and Dark Tranquillity really influenced us, melodic metal is just so fucking awesome!! We also listened to early Amon Amarth, and we are huge Immortal fans also. In fact I have an Abbath tattoo on my arm, love that shit!

Mark: If I understand correctly, you are from Southern California. That area has a rich music history, not just with heavy music. Are there any influences, in either attitude or lyrical or musical approach that you think might shock us to know you guys have? 

David: We currently play out of Orange County California, have been for 9 years now. It’s awesome to see the metal scene making a resurgence here. I wouldn’t say anything shocking, or at least that I’ll admit too. Hahaha

Mark: “Death’s Design” is one of my favorite tracks on Born of the Dark. Would you mind telling our readers a little about it and maybe how it came to be or what inspired it?

David: One of our favorites too, as well as our producer (Scott Fuller). We actually just released a music video for that track. Check that out! That song is about human tragedy and how death is in fact guaranteed. There have been so many sudden deaths of artists we have looked up to in metal community recently. It’s sad really.  

Mark: A lot of times some songs that make it onto albums are years old so I’m sure it can be a challenge trying to get back into that headspace at times. Is there a track or two on the album that you feel completely captures the “right now” sound/evolution of Voices of Ruin? If so, which ones and why?

David: The most recently written songs were “The Black Horizon” and “A Ghost Inside”. I’d say the whole damn album really captures our evolution as a band. Our producer Scott Fuller took our sound and ran with it, we believe this is a killer piece of art and we are really proud of how it came out. 

Mark: Would you mind telling us a little about the cover art and why you chose it for your album? It’s a pretty stand out cover that reminds me of Death and Tad Morose.

David: Par Olofsson is the f*cking man!! We worked with him on our first album Into Oblivion as well, he is a true professional and mastermind. We wanted to stick to the theme of the first album on the artistic level and move it forward a little. So Into Oblivion was a nuclear holocaust cover, this is the post -apocalyptic frozen wasteland that follows. Of course our mascot “Larry” is on both covers! 

Mark: Will you be touring nationally or internationally behind this release? If so, what can we expect when you hit our area?

David: We hope to do a US tour in the spring, nothing confirmed yet. We hope to get to Europe sometime in 2016 if the opportunity arises. If not soon after. You can expect a set full of head-banging and shredding riffs!! We aren’t afraid to get the crowd involved and make it a show to remember!! Also, lots of beer drinking and shots! If you see us come have a beer!

Mark: Thanks so much for your time. Born of the Dark is such a great album! Do you have any parting thoughts you’d like to leave our readers with?

David: Thank you!! Stoked you like it!! Just want to thank all of our fans and supporters locally and around the world. You know who you are! Voices of Ruin loves you all!! We will be shredding in a town near you!

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