Sometimes artists set out to make amazing music. Other times they set out to make something artistically amazing. Others set out to create an empire. Some crazy folks attempt to do all three. Freddie Wolf is a man who fits solidly in the last camp. His new double album Utopia - Distopia is part pop and part metal. A combination of Iron Maiden and Queen that plays on both sides of the fence but does not cross-pollinate between the two. He also has his own media empire at his site. I couldn't help but be curious about the man behind the empire and thus enjoyed the chance to do an interview with Freddie via email. Below is our conversation.

Rob 1340 (RF): So first, can you please tell us about your new album?


Freddie Wolf (FW): I spent the last years of my life programming a solo project cause I realized to have many stuff to produce. So, after my years with Stick it Out 'n NEW BabyLON, (plus other side­projects) I started to organize my plan. Usually, when you wanna create a solo project after many years working with bands, it's not easy to find the right direction to take for yourself. In my case was not this way; I have many good songs to produce, but they were a lot 'n so different among them. So, at the end, I find the courage to organize not just my 1st solo album, but two, trying to express my rock pop/romantic/melancholy side 'n the heavy/evil/obscure one! I just produced them in one package cause the albums were ready at the same time 'n I think was better promote them together than separately.


RF: What records were you listening to while recording it?


FW: Not a mystery my strongest 'n principal influences born by Queen, Michael Jackson, Iron Maiden/Bruce Dickinson 'n Goblin/Claudio Simonetti, (I was appreciated 'n criticized at the same time for this in all reviews by the time) anyway my "musical loves" are so deeply-rooted in my soul that I usually close myself on what I'm doing trying to keep out all the rest to don't influence my works further.


RF: Do you feel the dual-­identity nature of the record makes it more or less accessible?


FW: Mh, good question mate! I must be sincere, it's probably a risk cause we're not talkin' bout a concept. This package included two completely different albums. They don't wanna be a consequence, just two separate steps of my life. It's like buying a double album by an artist 'n face a side "70's Queen" style 'n another like "Fear of the Dark".. just disturbing... but interesting at the same time, right? Anyway, it is in my view ahahah! I like to be surprised if the stuff is good 'n I hope mine sounds good enough!


RF: Did you do the whole thing in one shot or did you split the studio time?


FW: No, I don't split my works cause I chose to concentrate the energy 'n the "intention" even if I was working bout two albums so different among them . Even if we (me and Fo', the sound engineer) work to produced them with the appropriate sound, I just try to keep us united 'n closed to reach the target. Time sometimes isn't exactly a good friend for "labored" projects. You must be determined 'n concrete or you should lose your goal..


RF: What is your favorite song on the record and why?


FW: About "UTOPIA", "The Day Before Tomorrow" is for sure my prefer one. It has a long story behind.. to find the meaning of my (our) living is my eternal quest. And sometimes I paid a terrible price living this way. I think every not superficial person can understand it well with no problems. About "DISTOPIA", I think "Crucified Jesus" is the best representation of my "dark" side; a personal scream where pain, rage 'n scorn are the way to face mankind when you sacrificed yourself in vain. Like, Jesus. I really love that "crazy idealist" so! Everyone suffers every day in his/her damn life, is just a little Jesus..


RF: Do you play out live at all? If so, what should people expect from seeing Freddie Wolf live?


FW: No mate, this time, there will be no tour cause producing something so different don't help you to find the right crew 'n the right setlist to play all around. Neither the right event or fest where to promote your tunes; you should take a chosen, but I really cannot take one! I feel them both so close to me, don't wanna sacrificed an album for another. Even my health is not helping.. I know, it sounds a little "last Queen's announcement", anyway don't worry, I think to have enough time to produce more stuff in the future, ahahah!


RF: Do you have plans to be on the road anytime soon?


FW: I'd like to do it but not right now cause what I explained before.


RF: To move in a different direction, tell us about your entire digital presence?


FW: My "digital presence"? Do you think I'm living in Matrix? Ahahah, at least, is something like that for us all right now, any way you can find me on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, iTunes, ReverbNation, MySpace 'n many many more networks 'n web stores. What more my friends?! Ah, my website, for sure:!


RF: Who are your heroes?


FW: Whoever lives fighting cause what they believe 'n not what they wanna stage misleading people. 


RF: Where can people find out more about Freddie Wolf?


FW: Just google my name correctly, (not "Y" in my name, ah? ahaha) 'n you'll find everything you need my dear friends!

RF: Thanks, Freddie!



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