Thisistoodifficult is a band from Laredo Texas that has found a home with Close Quarters Coalition. They play an emo and math-rock influenced style of indie rock that is reminiscent of bands like TTNG, Pedro the Lion and Damien Jurado's I Break Chairs album. They make warm familiar music and are about to start working on their second EP. I had a chance to catch up with Rafa via email and here is our conversation.

Rob 1340 (RF): How did Thisistoodifficult come to be?

Rafa Puebla (RP): A few years ago I began to write music under my own name. At the time, I wasn’t interested in being in a band per se, but I knew I wanted to write music. My friend Julian Martinez (who is now our bass player) would help me out by recording my tracks and uploading them to my SoundCloud account. The songs back then were purely minimal. I’d use acoustic guitars and have a raw sound. I noticed people liked the songs so I decided I’d start to perform and adapt the moniker “thisistoodifficult”. However, at first, it was just me on guitar and Julian on drums. Marcus was an acquaintance then and one day after he saw us perform he offered to play drums for us. 

RF: How did you come to work with Close Quarters Coalition?

RP: I’ve always kept a close eye on Kyle and Close Quarters. I liked what they were doing. I even messaged him asking how one would come to work with Close Quarters. We had recorded and released our self-titled EP by May of 2015 and I honestly hoped that somehow Kyle would hear the EP and ask us to be a part of CQC. I didn’t want to be the guy that is constantly asking to work with someone. So, like I hoped, Kyle came across our EP, liked it, and asked us to join the label. Shout out to Kyle, Melody and Cody! 

RF: Who are your main influences as a band?

RP: I personally take influence from bands such as TTNG, Their/They’re/There, and other acts such as Owen and Into It. Over it. I enjoy how they integrate non-orthodox singer-songwriter writing styles. Marcus takes notes from Grizzly Bear’s drummer and I know Julian really enjoys Anthony Green.

RF: What should we expect from the new EP you are recording soon?

RP: I’ve honestly been having a hard time writing every single song. I’m just glad that the songs we have so far sound more band oriented. Our self-titled EP consisted of songs I had written years ago and transposed to thisistoodifficult. With this next EP, I’m trying to keep the same singer-songwriter melodies and chord structures, but I’m also trying to integrate more intricate bass lines and drum patterns, grooves, etc. You can also expect more or less the same lyrical  content.

RF: What is your favorite song on the self-titled EP?

RP: My favorite song is definitely sheets. I really enjoy how easy it is to play and sing along to.

RF: How would you describe the scene in Laredo?

RP: Laredo is strange. I really enjoy going to shows here, but I’d be lying if I said it was super integrated. We have our off days but I think we know how to have fun. I lean more towards the DIY scene because they are the ones that have been giving our band the most exposure. I think our scene looks best when someone will book a band from out of town because you can actually tell people get curious about what bands are passing through town. We can be very inviting for  most of the time and we aren’t entirely hardcore/punk. I can honestly say we have different kinds of musical acts that like to come to play here despite not having the best conditions or money to offer. Laredo is fun, diverse and inviting. Shout out to Jorge aka Cold Pizza Tx. I know he invests a lot into the scene. I love you, homie!

RF: Being a border town, how has Trumps wall gone over there? Any fun stories about it?

RP: Trump flew into Laredo not too long ago. I think the fact in itself is hilarious. Its just a shame that politics doesn’t hold the same ethical, intellectual integrity as institutions of higher education. I couldn’t write a term paper and even include a quarter of all the elementary, childish and moronic fallacies Trump has spewed. I can honestly go off on a tangent here so I’ll just say one more thing. I’m a proud Hispanic and I’m not ashamed of my culture. It isn’t perfect, but we are also not thin skinned or looking for someone/something to pin our problems to.

RF: Do you have any plans to tour in the near future?

RP: We currently have no plans official plans to tour but we would most definitely like to travel during the summer of 2016.

RF: Who would be on your dream tour?

RP: Deftones, The Mars Volta, King Crimson, Slipknot, New Found Glory, Drake, Good Old War and Thisistoodifficult.

RF: What are you listening to now? What other releases are you most excited about?

RP: I’m listening to Lil Yachty’s new album “Lil Boat” as I write this. I’ve also recently come across Looming. I’m currently anticipating Deftone’s new album. 

RF: Where can people learn more about Thisistoodifficult?

RP: You can follow us and keep up with what we are doing on Facebook and Instagram. I personally run both of the accounts. You can also find our music on most music streaming services: Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, etc. 

RF: Thank you very much!


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