Sometimes an artists honesty strikes you so much that you become instantly fascinated with them even before you ever hear there music. This was the case with Brian Walker of A Day Without Love. His honesty about his struggles with depression have struck a chord with both myself and many other listeners. His music is honest and raw just as he is.


Rob 1340 (RF): Hi Brian, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us. Can you please tell us about how you came to make music as A Day Without Love?

Brian Walker (BW): Hello I started A Day Without Love in my college years. It was a solo acoustic project where I sang sad songs at open mics, houses shows and coffee shops. Then from there I joined a pop band in New York and made A Day Without Love take a back seat. After leaving the band, I experienced Hurricane Sandy and wanted to recreate myself, I wrote songs about loss, human conflict, and the struggle of finding yourself. Today I do my best to follow that in my project. 


RF: You write a lot about identity and your struggles with not feeling like you fit in any community while growing up. What are some tools you have used to combat this as you have developed as a person?

BW: I do my best to listen to other people, hear what they want and do my best to make people feel important. I truly believe people are always searching for something. Some are searching for love, some are looking for success, others are just trying to understand who they are. I think the most important thing is to listen before you act. I think the act of listening has helped me feel that I am more apart of something, that something being a community of artists, musicians, and independent business owners in the world of DIY. 


RF: You just finished recording a new release, can you please tell us about this process?

BW: Yes, the recording process was probably the most emotionally intense processes ever. We are technically not done yet, because we have some background vocals to do. I will be having my friend Dallas from Uncle/Father Oscar and Olivia from Fossil Jane sing on my record. I will definitely say that from a technical perspective, I could have done a lot more preproduction and preparation for my parts , but I was happy enough to have enough stamina doing 10 to 13 hour days with Jake and having friends come into helping out with gang vocals and drums. I consider this to be the most emotionally intense and musically diverse record I have recorded to date. Lastly I can say living off of chicken fried rice and iced mocha can get old really fast. 


RF: What were you listening to prior to recording this album? 

BW: I was listening to a lot of Brand New’s The Devil and God, Hop Along’s Freshman Year, and Marvin Gaye. 


RF: What is your favorite thing about making music as A Day Without Love?

BW: I think initially A Day Without Love started at feeling like I was pouring out feelings like it was a diary which was cool. Now it has become more than that, it’s become a personal challenge of finding myself musically. It is my goal to make every record and every feeling about a personal growth with struggle and my perspectives of dealing with things I can’t control and becoming a better person. 


RF: You recently did a tour via MegaBus how did that go?

BW: It went really really well, everyone I met was really really nice and I took some pretty sweet photos of things I saw. 


RF: Any fun stories from your time on the bus?

BW: Yes there were a group of rappers on the bus claiming to be the biggest rappers in Philadelphia doing a rap battle . It was funny because no one was paying attention and two I don’t think I have ever heard of these rappers. 


RF: Any recommendations to other artists looking to do a similar tour?

BW: Yes, well for starters believe it or not megabus can end up being a significantly cheaper travel. My round trip costs were 35 bucks and the tour I made a little under 100 so I made a profit. So for all the solo artists out there, try to see if you can take the megabus route, plus you may meet people. However if you are claustrophobic this is probably not for you. 


RF: Where can people learn more about A Day Without Love?

BW: You can always check out my website where I blog pretty frequently or you can just simply stream our music on spotify , download on bandcamp, or buy on itunes, googleplay etc. And the most direct is just to inbox me on the A Day Without Love facebook page! 


RF: Thank you very much!



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