Bombardier makes beautiful instrumental post-rock. They have a progressive sound that fans of Explosions in the Sky, Mono or Maserati will find both familiar and challenging. The band's leader and guitarist Andy was also one of my first friends in college and I've found following their career to date to be extremely interesting. Their new disc Liminality is amazing and after hearing it I had to exchange a few words to catch up with Andy and see what is new in their world. Here is our conversation.

Rob 1340 (RF): Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. What caused the start of Bombardier as a band?

Andy Schools (AS):  Bombardier started as a two piece band originally with myself and another friend of mine named Billy. Billy played drums and we just started messing around with some stuff I had written which turned into songs. We then decided well we have these songs so let's play some shows. Shortly after we played two shows Billy moved away to Nashville and I decided I wanted to keep this going so I started recruiting other people and it just took off from there. 


RF: What was the inspiration behind the band's name?

AS: There’s nothing really special to it honestly. Billy and I were looking for a one-word band name. I had always liked the name Bombardier and felt like it really fit with the sound and mood of the music so we just ran with it. 


RF: As an instrumental band, how important do you think naming things (songs, album titles, etc) are to the experience of the listener? 

AS: It’s important to us because each album or recording is a concept. Songs have meanings even without words. I can tell you this song was written about this or that. They are all special. I like them to be canvasses to other people and let them interpret as they see fit. 


RF: You had a lineup change between the recording of You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are and Liminality, what changed about the band with this change?

AS: With new people come new ideas and new directions. I (Andy) moved to Charlotte NC from VA and we took some time off from playing shows and I just discovered some new sounds and new ideas. I met this other guitarist Brodie here and we clicked. I bought a house and then we started rehearsing and Liminality grew out of those early sessions in the new house. Since the last EP we have two new members. Mike Mcsherry on drums who has been with us for over a year now and then Brodie who joined last summer. Me and Josh Iddings are part of the original core of You Don’t Know.  It’s all felt natural and the song writing process has not changed too much. I pretty much write riffs or song ideas and we all get-together and flush them out into songs. I feel like we are tighter as a band now than we have ever been.


RF: How has working with All Sounds been so far?

AS: It’s been great. They are newer label and hungry for it. We are also hungry for it. We want to grow together as a band and as a label. We are trying to promote them and they are trying to promote us. It’s a new relationship and we are definitely enjoying the honeymoon phase. Everything is a new opportunity and we want to fully embrace that. 


RF: Who did the artwork for Liminality? What is the inspiration behind it?

AS: One of my oldest friends Josh Swartwood in Ithaca New York designed it. I sent him the EP to listen to and asked him to draw whatever inspired him and I was blown away with what he came up. He’s a true talent and goes by the moniker Black Forestry. You should definitely check his stuff out.


RF: You are/were involved in Speakertree (a record shop in Lynchburg, VA). How does working in a record shop impact your being a band?

AS: Sadly, I had to give up my part of the record store when I moved to NC so it doesn’t really have an impact now. I still have the relationships there and the love of all things vinyl. 


RF: Are there any plans to tour in the near future?

AS: Yes, we are playing Snug600 here in Charlotte May 29th, our EP release show in Lynchburg, VA at Rivermont Pizza June 4th. Other than that trying to get up to NYC and NJ in June and still booking out the rest of 2016. 


RF: Where can people find out more about Bombardier?



RF: Thank you very much!

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