After a successful career that spans touring and recording with the immortal Dr. Alban to becoming a founding member of platinum selling glam rockers The Poodles, Martina Edoff has set her sights on making what she loves most, melodic hard rock.

An icon of the Nordic music scene, Edoff’s latest offering, Unity, is a powerhouse of radio-friendly styles that will certainly pique the interest of those of us in the post 30 crowd. Her impeccable sense of melody may resonate just as strongly with the younger, hungry for a time when music made you feel good crowd, as well though. One thing is for sure however, when you hear Edoff’s songs they will make you feel good.

Of course, I wanted to learn more about Martina Edoff and her new album, as well as her storied career. Here’s what she had to tell me via email.

by Mark1340

Hello Martina! How are you?

Hello Mark! I'm fine thanks!!

So, you have quite a history with a variety of styles of music. Your career must have been quite crazy so far doing so many different styles. What made you decide on melodic heavy music for Unity

I have always had rock music closest to my heart! Even when I decided to go on tour and work with different kinds of music as a freelance singer I always had my focus on doing my own thing ”one day”. So now finally I´m doing exactly what I´ve always wanted. 

Who are some of the band’s that inspire you personally?

Ann Wilson/Heart is the one with the voice for me! Since I discovered the rock music of the 80´s as my kind of music I dove into it and felt that all the bands from that era has left a mark on me as I listened to Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Journey, Heart and all the others at that time. When I was a kid my older brother taught me about Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Sweet, Alice Cooper, Kiss among others by forcing me to listen, but I liked it even as a small kid. When Guns&Roses had their peak I was a big fan of their music too. So lots of good music!!

Since I haven’t heard your self-titled album, how does Unity compare to it? Were there things that you wanted to do better, or differently, on Unity?

Yes! First I was offered to do an album all of a sudden by my dear friend Robert who just popped the question one day and it took me by surprise really! I wanted so badly to make my album quickly so I gathered all the songs I´ve written throughout the years and contacted a friend who helped me thru the process. It turned out to be a little too softish because the songs might not had a thread in it the way I wished for. I wrote one of the songs for example in the beginning of the 90´s and another one of them I used ten years later. I'm still proud of it though my songs have a meaning to me and I know it´s appreciated by many people and I also had the opportunity to work with fantastic people making the album! I just felt that I wanted to do a more up to date album only a year later and thats why I contacted the musicians in HEAT to help me out. They are extremely talented and very nice to work with! Me and Jona Tee started co-writing and it went very smoothly. He understood exactly what sound I was looking for and the whole journey have been a pleasant experience! Now I'm really looking forward to meet my audience with this new material.  

“Never Let You Down” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Would you mind telling us a little bit about that song and what inspired it?

I like to write the lyrics sometimes ambiguous to let the listener decide for themselves what it mean to them. ”Never let you down” is a proposal, but from my point of view it is about me not being so suspicious anymore haha. 

Do you have a favorite track on the album? If so, which one and why do you choose that one?

Its always hard to pick one when they all mean something to me, but for the moment Unity. It has an important message. I have always been interested in psychology and have educated myself to coach people to help them find their way to feel better in what ever situation they´re in. So Unity is about going inside ourselves to see whats important in life. 

For me this album stands out in part because it has a really positive vibe. I love it when I listen to an album and feel inspired. 

That makes me happy to hear!! Thank you!

What were some of your goals for the album? Are there certain things that you felt HAD to be conveyed or is it all just a natural byproduct of the songs?

I love to inspire people and give an energy boost! If I can give inspiration to someone through  the lyrics I'm satisfied and what I love about rock music is the force of energy that comes as an boost to lift you up. Me for example, I wouldn't appreciate a movie with an unhappy end. No matter how miserable the story is in the film I want to see a happy ending of it. To engage people somehow through music is what every musician wants I guess! 

Another thing that I immediately noticed is that the album was released on your own label. What led to the decision to create your own label?

Since I'm not a teenager any more I have been around for a while in the business as a freelance singer. I have been offered a few record deals and turned them down because I wanted to follow my heart of what I really wanted to do as an artist. During the years I have had my profession as my everyday work so to speak and if i should ever do something with my name on it it had to be something I stands for. And I am a very goal oriented person with a strong determination so if I had people who decide things without my participation I would be a bit confused. I know I am a bit of a control freak haha, but thats only when it comes to my career. So when my friend Robert asked me to do a record he also offered me to start a record company with him. Its quite common these days among artists and bands to have their own label. And the people we chose to work with are carefully handpicked. 

You have an upcoming North American tour with Epica, Eluviette, and The Agonist in late September/early October. Have you been to North America as a solo artist before? (Editor’s Note- Since this interview was conducted Epica has had to cancel their participation in the tour)

This is the first time as a solo artist and thats what so exciting!!! Ive been in NA before and even on tour, but with another band and then as a back up singer. 

What can fans expect from your live show?

A lot of energy and happy vibes!!! 

Thanks so much for your time! Do you have any parting thoughts for our readers?

Thank you so much for having me here and I really wish to see all of you when we come to your city to rock with us and just go crazy for the fun of it!!

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