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Release date:  October 30, 2015

Rock n’ roll was always meant to be dangerous.  From Elvis’ shaking hips to G. G. Allin attacking his audience, rock music wasn’t meant to be tame.  In a time of disposable pop stars and bands assembled by reality TV shows and corporate sponsors Deadheads arrive like superheroes intent on saving the world in the name of rock.  The band is unapologetically loud and brash, offering a punky take on Motorhead’s sound makes its home somewhere between the overdriven rock of Turbonegro and the roar of an oncoming train.  Get on board, or get out of the way, because Deadheads show no mercy on Loaded. 

The Swedish quartet open their sophomore release with the full on Motorhead growl of “There’s a Hole In the Sky” and from there stomp all over the heavy rock map.  “What’s True” is in the vein of Andrew WK, with its barroom piano meets punk rock sound.  “Let Loose the Fool” opens with a  frantic, fuzzy guitar that takes me back to Black Flag in their early days, while “The Need For Sleep” opens with an ear catching bit of lead guitar that brings to mind the higher points of Iron Maiden.  Perhaps the only break from full throttle rock is “Empty Howles” which rides a wave of dark, blues flavored rock that pulls from early Fleetwood Mac, with the kind of heavy handed approach that Nashville Pussy might give a blues ballad.  The mix of classic rock riffing with the aggression of metal and the devil may care attitude of punk gives these songs a gritty life that infects the brain and lays eggs within your soft membrane. 

Deadheads definitely impress on this release, while sounding like they don’t care one whit if you’re impressed with their band.  They have found a niche in bringing danger and grit back to rock n’ roll in a way that is perfect, and rarely seen these days.  Loadead blew me away with it’s full on aggression and catchy songwriting.  These songs are muscular and dirty like a back alley thug, while still firmly rooted in the rock tradition enough to have sing along choruses.  It’s about time someone came in to remind us just what rock n’ roll is.  Accept no more prefab bands and don’t settle for music without teeth.  Loaded is a prime example of the wild animal that is rock music, in its natural habitat and completely untamed. 


Reviewed by Jim1340


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