Teen Death

Drag/Dark Life 

6131 Records


Release date:  October 17, 2015

It’s not that strange of an occurrence for a band to release songs left over from previous projects, and let’s face it, it’s a hit and miss scenario.  Nirvana’s Incesticide album was a mix of incredible gems and songs that fans just didn’t deserve to have foisted upon them.  Richmond, VA punks Teen Death offer their new single featuring the tracks “Drag” and “Dark Life,” castaways from their Crawling EP.  These two tracks of garagepunk have worked their way into my brain, and I fear they may never come out.  

“Drag” sounds like a young Nirvana.  Powerful, hooky punk rock played with a heavy dose of distortion and vitriol.  It’s part noise, part rock, and all teenage screams, piss and vinegar.  “Dark Life” is a darker affair that brings to mind the aforementioned Nirvana, and the messy punk of Mudhoney.  The songwriting is pure pop punk, but the delivery is gritty and in your face.  Shouts and melody sit side by side, and the band could be the Ramones as heard from the open windows of an oncoming truck.  

If this is Teen Death’s leftovers, the main course must be amazing.  The energy on these two tracks is infectious, and I can’t sit still when either song comes on.  The sloppy perfection of Mudhoney and the attack and twisted perceptions of Nirvana live on in Teen Death.  Hearing this single makes me want to rush out to buy the EP, which , I am ashamed to admit, never hit my radar.  Grunge lives on in Teen Death’s garagepunk offerings, and not only is it alive, but at its peak on Drag/Dark Life.

Reviewed by Jim 1340


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