The Gods Themselves

Pink Noise


Release Date: October 2, 2015

If you think about music, hear any reference to The Gods Themselves, and depending on your taste in music, you're going to start thinking about any number of bands and guitarists from The Beatles & George Harrison, to Van Halen, to Zeppelin & Page. But when you come across a band named "The Gods Themselves", what would you expect them to be? Well, they may not be actual Gods like you'd find in those bands named above, but they could very well get there.

With a thundering bass opening, “Tangerine”, the first track of Pink Noise by The Gods Themselves, moves off into a journey that sounds like Black Sabbath meets Heart. The vocals of Astra Elane kind of sound like a young Ann Wilson. When Dustin Patterson is singing “Tell Me”, the band has a kind of Stella Starr sound with a pinch of David Byrne. That uniqueness with The Gods Themselves makes this band very diverse in their approach to writing their music. They even mimic a sort of hip-hop style with “Bubblegum”. Pink Noise will entertain folks that have a very diverse taste in music, The Gods Themselves are well seasoned.


Reviewed by: The D 1340


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