Release Date: October 30, 2015

Some may flavor it as hipster rock, or something colored with a disco-rock beat, but none of that matters in the moment when the record is spinning and pumping out the songs of EagleWolfSnake, a super solid little trio whose debut EP, Zang!, deserves to be cranked up in your car or dance hall, upon its release. 
Like the melodic jams of Franz Ferdinand, EagleWolfSnake's catchy hooks strike big points on the score boards for the listener's ears. Eight amazing tracks compose the album, most making one wish those kept running a lot longer than they do. The opening track, "Are You Alright?", is fantastic little composition that sucks you into the world of the album. With-in moments you start bobbing and singing along, setting an energy that continues to frolic through the album's core. Other highlight's include "Empty Weather", filled with an upbeat dance ability, essential to digging an album like this. "We are we are", a great track where despite the cynical lyrics is just too damn catchy to not crank up. 
The other notable highlight includes closing track, "Whatever You Say", which also functions as the album's first single. A great way to close out the album, making you long for more, "Whatever You Say", contains those hooks you just sing along with, combined with mixing various tempos, reminiscent of the mentioned Franz Ferdinand, to create a memorable little ditty, deserving the single it serves as.
EagleWolfSnake is off the a great start here with a fun EP. Aside from having a bad ass cult-appeal name for their band, their music proves beyond reproach, calls to see them live and most importantly a curiosity to see where they go next.
Reviewed by: Drew 1340

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