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The Blueblack Hussar

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Release Date: October 15, 2015

Throughout the 1980's Adam Ant was a cultural icon.  His war painted face was immediately recognizable, as was the catchy beat of his music.  Starting out in the punk scene of the late 1970s with his band Adam And The Ants, his solo debut was unleashed early in the following decade, showing the eccentric artist to be an impressive songwriter, offering new wave inspired hits like “Goody Two Shoes.”  As many fans will tell you, Ant’s best work was his edgier and slightly off-kilter tracks like “Whip In My Valise.”  Little did the music buying public know that behind the scenes one of rock’s brightest stars was fighting demons that would cause his exit the stage to deal with mental illness.  The Blueblack Hussar chronicles Ant’s return to the public eye and his return to the stage via the tour for his 2013 album Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter

The Adam Ant portrayed in this documentary is far from the one-dimensional pop star that left the music scene too long ago.  Garbed in his cavalryman outfit, Ant takes the stage as a mix between the smart assed dandy of his 1980s days and Napoleon Bonaparte as his current stage character the Blueblack Hussar.  Off stage, he is witty and sensitive, interacting with his band, tattoo artist, and almost everyone who might cross his path with a mix of Captain Jack Sparrow and the sensitive artist who is driven by his passion for his art.  Musically, he has returned to his roots in punk rock, and his songs run from the kind of tongue in cheek material that graced his classic albums to some outright cringe-inducing lyrics.  All the same, they’re delivered with swagger and aplomb.  

The Blueblack Hussar is an interesting look into the man behind the stage icon.  Like David Bowie, Adam Ant has always presented himself publicly by portraying a character, and director Jack Bond and his crew have given fans the opportunity to peek behind the curtain and a rare view at the man behind the stage and screen icon.  Extras, such as a handful of live performances, including a duet with Boy George, and an interview with Bond give fans an insider look at Adam Ant the human while showing where this is a case where the mask is not far removed from the face beneath.  Adam Ant’s energy and charisma rarely fade, even off stage, and his return to music as the Blueblack Hussar is cause for celebration.  


Reviewed by Jim 1340


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