We Bleed Metal

Leviathan Records

Release Date: November 6, 2015

For anyone looking for a decade-spanning metal album, you won’t have to look any farther than Chastain’s newest release We Bleed Metal.  Formed in 1984, and hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Chastain was initially nothing more than a backup band for David T. Chastain’s guitar work.  Shrapnel Records founder Mike Varney discovered David while he was playing with CJSS and immediately saw that David had the talent to become one of the shrapnel shredders along with Jason Becker, Marty Freidman, and Ywngie Malmsteen. So Mike set up the backing band and it has since grown into Chastain. Today Chastain consists of David T. Chastain on Guitar, Mike Skimmerhorn on Bass, Stian Kristoffersen on Drums and Leather Leone on vocals.  This Lineup is as solid as a rock and as heavy as a mountain. Anyone that takes a listen will not be disappointed.

Starting off the Album is the title track “We Bleed Metal”. This is a typical early metal type anthem with pounding drums, Scorching guitars and incredible vocals. Leather Leone has the capability to growl with the best of them and yet can soar into the realms with a Halford/Dio style that is amazing. “All Hail the King” almost has an Iron Maiden type feel to it. Great sound and production from all and again the vocals are phenomenal. “Against all the Gods” almost has an Avenged Sevenfold feel to it. There is a fantastic use of syncopation within this track. Beautiful guitar work to start and the way the drums, bass and guitar mesh are just perfect.  Chastain has definitely made a statement with just the first three songs and there’s so much more to come.

“Don’t Trust Tomorrow” starts off with a very Ywngie sounding descending arpeggiated run into a newer metal sounding riff. Again the instrument work is impeccable and the vocals are spot on. This track has no holes in it throughout. It’s very solid and it could be said that it is some of the best performances on this album.  “I am a Warrior” has a medieval style intro that blasts into a mid-paced metal chug fest. It has a very empowering feel to it and you could almost visualize a knight suiting up for battle. Again great song and just really showcases the abilities of David T. Chastain as a songwriter and arranger.  “Secrets” is probably the evilest sounding track on this album.  It has an eerie intro that morphs into a “Pantera” style rocker that is one of the strongest closing statements that I’ve heard in a long time. This is a prime example of closing on a high note.

Chastain wrote and produced nine tracks for this album and personally I am thankful for that. In this day of advanced electronics and the fact that we can fit so many songs on a cd it is refreshing to not have an album that has 15-20 mediocre songs on it. This, for all you young’uns, is the way that albums were made. They had 9-11 great and powerful songs on them that left you waiting impatiently for the next album. It all starts with a face pounding intro and closes leaving you wanting more. It has been way too long since an album has had the impact like this and thank you, Chastain, for delivering it to us. The wait has made a lot of us “metalheads” shiver with antici………………………..pation.

Reviewed by Dave 1340


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