Another Flammarion Woodcut

Broken Circles

Release Date: May 5, 2015

When I started listening to this record I immediately started to scour the internet. It had to be. There was no way, ABSOLUTELY no way that Christhopher Noyes was not in Anathallo. My and ears have been proven wrong though. He wasn’t. Still, this two track 7” could be a follow up to Anathallo's final works. These two tracks have completely blown me away and left me hungering for the full length coming soon.

The opener “Hyperthymesia” starts things off with a bang layering guitars, bass and drums together before a whimsical vocal line and glockenspiel take over. Christopher’s vocals sit right on that fine line between yelling and singing and build into a full holler as the song goes on. There’s something in this that reminds me of a younger less jaded mewithoutYou. The close of the song is a solid 30 seconds of full on rock before fading into the night.

The flip side is the title track. Pianos and synths sit in the forefront in place of the guitars that drove the A-side, but still there is the glockenspiel and floating chorus of voices hovering in the background. Towards the halfway point the song loses momentum and slows down to the band repeating the chorus over and over but that gives way to another verse and then reestablishes the prior melody with guitars taking over the lead of the mix from the pianos that started the song.

If this hasn’t been enough to whet your appetite on this band, the Appleseed Cast took them out on tour recently. And the video footage availabe on youtube reminds me every bit of the energy from the first time I saw Anathallo live. Do yourself a favor and buy this record. It’s something you won’t regret having.


Reviewed by Rob 1340


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