Alien Syndrome 777


Avantgarde Music

Release Date November 27, 2015

When it comes to music, every band or musical artist has their own unique sound, the sound that defines who they are. The sound that when heard, tells the listener who that band is, and what song is being played. As new bands and musical artists emerge, they struggle to find the sound that is unique to them. Some find it right away, and some work very hard for it. One band in particular, appears to have taken that unique sound, to a new height. That band I am referring to is Alien Syndrome 777, an innovative “Black Metal” band out of Europe. Not only is their sound unique, but they have added a twist; they took something old, and did something very new with it.


The band’s new album Outer is a work of art where their style and structure span a broad range of new sounds. New sounds that bring the listener to a level of new perspective, wow moments, and style diversity. Almost like when audiences heard The Beach Boy’s “Pet Sounds” for the first time. It is not because the band sounds like the Surfer Boys, but because there is something new in their sound, especially in the first track, “An Unconscious Reflection”, an ambient masterpiece.

Ambient Music started in the 1970’s, and pretty much stayed consistent in its style well into the 80’s with pieces like Van Halen’s 1984. There have been attempts by others since, but they are all rooted in the 1970’s style. “An Unconscious Reflection” takes the ambient genre outside the box. Not only has Alien Syndrome 777 taken it into 21st century with a black metal approach, but they have also added a Pink Floydish sort of twist; a slight bit of muttering towards the end is reminiscent of “Keep Talking”. It also leaves you wondering, is there more? Yes there is more, but not before mingling with diversity.

Alien Syndrome 777’s diversity becomes apparent with a style change in “Symmetriads”, as they hit the black metal target dead center. The vocalist, Oscar Martin, has a spot on sound like Nathan Explosion of Dethklok, but you can understand Martin. The track “The Bleeding Anthill of the Universe” leaves you ready to crush, then “Intermission Mirrors” just takes the reins and puts you on ambient hold as if to say; you cannot go there just yet, you have much to learn. The album sounds much like a futuristic, intergalactic journey, that is worthy of the band’s name. Alien Syndrome 777’s members are well-seasoned veterans of Black Metal. They know what they are doing, and keep you entertained all the way to the most eerily enchanting “Black Box”.  The album Outer  is a great work of art.



Reviewed by the D 1340


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