Clicking Sound of a Hammer Pulled Back

Buried In Hell Records

Release Date September 18, 2015

Think of music as an ages old tree, like a giant oak, with the pith (center) being about five feet from the outer bark. Each branch of the tree represents a musical genre, and each twig sprouting from a branch represents a different class or interpretation of that genre. With that in mind, let's climb the tree, visit the metal branch, and take a look at one of the bands residing on the thrash twig; “Psychosomatic”.

Psychosomatic is a veteran thrash metal band originating in the late 1980’s California, and their multi-faceted talent speaks for itself throughout their music. They have a new album out entitled “Clicking Sound of a Hammer Pulled Back”, and after hearing it a few times now, I found myself in awe!

It is truly awesome to see where thrash metal has evolved to since Metallica’s debut in 1983; the beats have gotten quicker, the guitar licks have gotten faster, longer, more complicated, and branded with a name; “Shredding”. The fast beat aspect can go back even further to songs like “Paranoid”, and “Stone Cold Crazy” which reflect thrash signatures in 1973, and ’74 respectively. However, the art of shredding, I’m sure, is a guitar playing method that most 70’s, and even some 60’s bands might have used, but were vaguely familiar with its branded name at the time. Psychosomatic has the shredding to a point where they can simply carry it around with them; pull it out of their pocket, and shred at will. It’s pretty evident in their entire album.

The first track of Clicking Sound of a Hammer Pulled Back, “Chemical Burn”, is a brilliant synchronization of low registered guitar and bass licks, backed up by strong power cords with a swift accompanying beat. Although it might seem a little faster, the second track “Murder of Crows”, has an increase in notes within the licks that give off a faster sounding beat. The leads in this whole album, let alone this track, would leave some guitar masters in envy with Daniel Mills’ ability to hit a bending pinch harmonic on queue. The third cut “Immortal Disease” adds a nice touch by adding a ¼ beat guitar lick in with a 16th note progression. I don’t believe there is a song on this album I do not like, with “Conscripted” being my favorite because the opening has a “Toys in the Attic” like approach from Aerosmith’s early 70’s album of the same name. For a do it yourself tour, production, and marketing band, this album “Clicking Sound of a Hammer Pulled Back” is very well done.


Reviewed by the D 1340


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