Foo Fighters

Saint Cecilia

RCA Records

Release Date: November 23rd, 2015

In the midst of a cancelled European tour and a broken leg, Foo Fighters landed in Texas to appear on Austin City Limits. As legend goes, their hotel allowed them to turn it into a recording studio so the band could capture their inspiration. Saint Cecilia is the result and, quite frankly, this is the best start-to-finish release the band have offered since The Colour and the Shape.

The title track opens the EP with a melancholy, alt rock guitar and Grohl’s voice. It builds into a giant sized anthem though that feels both poignant and inspirational in the wake of the Paris attacks, which for the first time included a Rock and Roll show. The band are on fire on this song in particular as they rock along with Grohl echoing the words, “No matter what I say, days go by….”

“Savior Breath” is a steam roller of alt rock that reminds me a great deal of the band’s first two albums. It features distorted vocals, crisp, buzzsaw- toned guitars, and a pounding backbeat, which are all things I have wanted to hear from Grohl & Co. for a long time. “Sean” is an upbeat pop rocker that reminds me of the band’s megahits, while “The Neverending Sigh” falls somewhere between the poppy goodness and the edgy, in your face moments. “Iron Rooster” rounds out the set, with it’s laid back sound and breathy vocal. It’s not quite a ballad but it has that type of feel to it, reminding me a bit of Stone Temple Pilot’s “Interstate Love Song.”

Overall, I wish this were a full album. The Foo Fighters were obviously inspired by this batch of songs and every song oozes that passion that drew you to the band in the first place. You can get the EP for free or pre-order the vinyl version here:

This is one of the best 2015 has offered and you can’t beat the price, so don’t miss out!


Reviewed by mark1340


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