Terminal Stasis cover art

Free Children of Earth

Terminal Stasis

Cricket Cemetary Records


Release date:  November 20, 2015

Every now and then you hear a band that just screams out at you “Listen to more – hear me out”. A sound that commands respect because you can feel a veteran-like magnetic power. The power that just draws you in. It’s not a sound that you hear too often, but when you do, it immediately grabs your focus, and commands your attention. Next thing you know, the band has a new listener, and the fan base just evolves from there. Such is the case when I listened to Free Children of Earth’s recent album Terminal Stasis. The energy this band is capable of, and flows consistently through their music, is like a serious punkish adrenaline rush.

Jason Yawn’s energetic vocals are like an on fire Dexter Holland, lead vocalist for the Offspring That, together with the band’s diverse playing ability, you can tell they know what they’re doing. The album tracks clearly show a diverse range in Yawn’s vocals, as well as the bands playing style. The fast-paced introductions of “Troy”, “Terminal Stasis”, “True Targets”, and “Business” leave you feeling like you’re headed into a great punk explosion, and a strong display of energy this band is capable of. Then diversity shows its face as the “Scars of Oblivion” intro has such a Tony Iommi feel to it, that it makes you feel this band is taking the punk sound to a new level. Not to mention tracks like “Burning House Evacuee” that give you a synthesized intro, “Paperskinbars” that is more like dark side intro, and “Runoff” tones the pace down a bit. It’s almost a style mutation ability that makes this band keep your attention. Their musical pieces are like abstract works of art, they are never the same way twice, but each piece, better than the last

This is definitely an album that is worth a listen, or two, four, or more. If you appreciate a band’s ability to manifest an almost magnetic hold on your ears, Free Children of Earth’s album Terminal Stasis is for you, and it is quite well done. I love it!

Reviewed by D1340


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