Just Can't Hate Enough x 2 - Plus Other Hate Songs

Shai Hulud

Just Can’t Hate Enough x2-Plus Other Hate Songs

No Sleep Records


Release Date: February 23, 2016

Just Can’t Hate Enough is the first new offering in three years from Shai Hulud, one of the bands that helped bridge the gap between hardcore and metal over two decades ago. This collection of tunes is intended to bridge the gap between their 2013 album Reach Beyond the Sun and whatever sound their next release takes on.

Shai Hulud has taken on lots of forms and has a helluva lot of members over the years. To offer some perspective for longtime fans, That Within Blood Ill-Tempered is one of my favorite albums of all time. On the other hand, their two albums for Metal Blade Records are not among my favorites (although there were some really great moments on Reach Beyond the Sun).

Everything about this is pissed off and straight to the point, musically and lyrically. “Sincerely Hated” is chock full of gang vocals and breakneck drumming, the kind that immediately inspire circle pits. “Colder than the Cold World” follows up it up with the same spirit but much more of a groove and some buzzsaw guitar work. The stepdown from “Sincerely Hated” continues with the often groovier and downright crushing “The Fucking Silence- Or How Hates the Heart.” It’s a firm reminder that metalcore was once the most exciting genre on the board. “A Profound Hatred of Man” brings a little of the brighter guitars into the mix but continues the audio assault in a profound and anthemic way without letting up much.

The band play around a  little bit at the end and it’s cool stuff but it’s definitely extras.

Just Can’t Hate Enough is better than I’d dare hope. The band have stripped back some of the overtly metal elements of the last couple of albums and are more prominently featuring the hardcore ethos that drew me to their early albums. This collection is still heavy as hell, but it’s the hardcore energy that really causes you to embrace it. That’s really the key here, these songs capture the energy that I felt was missing from the last couple of albums. This is the first “Must Have” release of 2016!


Reviewed by Mark1340


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