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The Secret Storm

The Dragon

The Secret Storm is the not-so-secret identity of former Virgin Records recording artist Lauren Hoffman. While her namesake albums dabbled in the artsier side of Indie Pop, The Secret Storm embraces the quirks more fully. This is The Secret Storm’s second release (both EPs) and it’s interesting ride to be sure.

The first thing that comes to mind here is “sexy.” From the cover art to the lyrics to the dynamic music, there is a lot of sexual tension emanating from this EP. I don’t think I have said that about anyone’s music since Liz Phair and Lisa Loeb ruled the charts.

 “Fast Lane”  really sets up that sexual vibe with smooth, artsy instrumentation surrounded by Hoffman’s sultry voice and an off-kilter melody that you just can’t shake. “Sick With Love” is stroked along by the piano but again keeps Hoffman’s voice front and center while the other instruments dance around the duo. It’s more introspective song but just as powerful in every way. The poppier “Feel It All” shows another side of The Secret Storm before “The Dragon”  is loosed. “The Dragon” is a magnificent piece of alt rock that reminds me of Ruby, the band keep the artsy feel but let loose with dirtier guitars and a much darker overall vibe. It’s cool to hear a little more grit and angst than the other tracks offered, making it my personal favorite of this collection.

Overall, this is an interesting collection of tunes. I have been listening to it a lot lately but I have found that I have to be alone with it. The Secret Storm requires your attention so it’s not an easy album to have playing in the background while you work or drive. If you dig pretty much any kind of alternative rock then you’ll find something to sink your teeth into here for sure.


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