Husky Rescue

The Long Lost Friend (Special Edition)

Catskill Records

Release Date: December 11, 2015

Husky Rescue are an electronic band that hail from Helsinki, Finland. The band have a very cinematic approach, influenced not only by other music but also by film and photography. This special edition of the previously released The Long Lost Friend includes a second disc of music that accompanied an exhibition from collaborator and artist Kustaa Saksi. 

Let’s start with the album proper. As someone who doesn’t listen to the artsier side of music exclusively, I find this album inconsistent. Since it’s not much of a cohesive work, it’s easy to pick favorites right from the get go. For me, “Wind in the Willows” is the album’s most exciting moment. The textures are a little poppier than a lot of the album and that bright sound draws me in. Despite its synth backdrop, it’s got a very organic feel to it and the male and female trading vocals balance each other perfectly. The more playful “Under Friendly Fire” is another highlight for me. The soft synth work is strong enough to make you want to dance while the airy vocals help it keep one foot in the ambience. The title track has a darker feel to it that I dig as well. It’s got a neurotic back beat with a glitchy vocal set atop of it that gives it a  very unique feel.

Unless you are a diehard fan, I’m not sure you really need the second disc. While the album proper is inconsistent, this one is a bit confusing without any knowledge of the exhibition it accompanied. A few songs stand alone, such as the gorgeous yet repetitive “Fast Lane” and the gentle ambience of “Far From the Storm,” but the vast majority of the songs are interpretations of works unseen. In my opinion, they don’t work very well without their counterparts and they seem to struggle to find that melody that makes a song memorable after it finishes. 

Overall, this double disc is a lot to absorb and it’s not always worth it. If you primarily identify with artsy electronic music then you might feel much differently than I do. As someone who loves  a variety of styles of music, I found about half of this really hard to latch on to. Listening to much of this album, especially the second disc, felt way too much like work in my opinion.


Reviewed by mark1340


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