Here Comes Washer

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Release date: January 22, 2016

Many great artists have come out of Brooklyn New York, artists like Pat Benetar, and Lou Reed as well as hundreds of others. Recently emerging is yet another great sound that comes to us from the same city, and their name is Washer. Their Debut Album, due out January 22nd, Here Comes Washer, gives off a strong impression of new while reflecting on bands like Modest Mouse, The Offspring, R.E.M., and has this writer hungry for more.  

Washer is comprised of two talented individuals; Mike Quigley playing guitar, bass, and vocals, and Kieran McShane delivering a very diverse application of percussion (a lot of tempo/beat changes) and he’s always on the mark. What I find really fascinating, is that the music itself takes a simple approach, but some pieces use frequent changes in style, tempo, and become a bigger deal when Quigley’s vocals are added to it. His unique vocal application makes Washer what it is. Whether a song be slow, or fast, Quigley has the ability sound the same, but be entirely different, he makes you believe his emotion in whatever he sings.

“Got Drunk and Ate the Sun”, the 13th track on this album, sounds just like a real time of drunkenness that is literally just told as it is. Some of the lyrics almost sound metaphorical; “I tried to eat the sun” – trying to brighten himself up maybe? I don’t know for sure, but I do know Mike Quigley feeling is real, and his delivery sounds somewhat remorseful because he tried and failed. “This Land” sounds like a folk song. Quigley sounds true to its content, and he believes it. No matter what song it is, Washer is convincing. If there’s shouting, I believe it’s not just because the song calls for it, but because Quigley feels it. He gets emotionally involved. It became pretty evident from the first track “Eyelids”, a sad tale of love.

Here Comes Washer, is an album worth the listen, and this is just their debut album. I love it. Imagine what they will be like in 5 years, Check them out!

Reviewed by The D 1340


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