Cattle Decapitation

The Anthropocene Extinction

Metal Blade Records

Release Date: August 7, 2015

I first heard Cattle Decapitation when ThreeOneG released Homovore. Like many others, my initial interest was because members of The Locust were involved. Over the years and through seven albums, though, the band have developed their own unique breed of Death Metal that continues to keep my attention as fully as their first release did. The Anthropocene Extinction is ample proof that Cattle Decapitation are at the top of their game.While the band have always experimented with things to make their sound more dynamic, this album really brings all of that experimentation together into one pummeling album. 

“Plagueborne” is the perfect example of everything coming together in a new way. Clocking in at nearly five minutes, the songs kicks off with a slow, heavy lick and the guttural vocal the band turned heads with back in the day. The band quickly shift gears to Grindcore though, with the vocals tightly switching between the hardcore, Pro-Pain style, bark and the guttural growl. By the end of the song though, the band have incorporated a higher vocal that brings a way more sinister element to the mix. This is by far my favorite track on this album as it brings everything I love about this band into one heavy as hell song.

Another highlight here is the insanely chaotic sound of “Not Suitable For Life.” It also blends together a lot of elements, but it’s the bass and drums that really keep it all moving. I swear that by the end of this song my legs ache from listening. The song just punishes the listener from the grind to the groove. “Manufactured Extinct” is another jaw-dropping moment with a slow, sludgy build that ends up switching off with the grind elements that the band staked their name on. The almost Black Metal “Mammals in Babylon” is another dynamic moment that incorporates clean singing in addition to all the Black, Grind, and Death elements.

Overall, I can’t believe that this one passed me by last year. Somehow I missed it though and when I realized it, the kind folks at Metal Blade and Earsplit PR hooked me up with a review copy. I’m grateful that they offered because this is Cattle Decapitation at their very best. If you enjoy any of their other releases, or bands like Cryptopsy, Impaled Nazarene, and Napalm Death, then you need to own this. This is one of 2015’s best extreme music releases and it deserves your attention!

Reviewed by mark1340


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