The Redhead’s Allegations

Release Date: March 4, 2016

So, imagine with me, if you will, James Taylor with an upbeat, interesting personality. Now, imagine him fronting Barenaked Ladies. This is the sound of The Redhead’s Allegations. And it’s brilliantly fun. 

Produced by The Talking Heads Jerry Harrison’, The Redhead’s Allegations is a diverse set of jangly singer/songwriters tunes that sound like a New York City summer. Most everything here has a bright and celebratory sound. Case in point is the almost funky “A Change.” It’s got a soul-stirring anthem quality to it, yet it’s background singers and the world rhythms that back it give it a much different feel than most of what’s popular in the here and now.

The new single, “Heroes” is another really cool track. From mainman Alan Chappell’s high register vocals to the catchy-as-hell hook to the  latter years 10,000 Maniacs style drive of the verses, it oozes cool. “The Highline” is a little more straightforward musically, but with trumpet solos and a downbeat drive that builds into a reserved but definitely sing-along chorus, it quickly became of my favorite album cuts. The bluesier “California” shows a different side of Chappell. Although I wouldn’t have pegged his voice as being right for this sound, his high register brings a brightness to it that I really love. The horn section here is exceptional as well.

Overall, this is an album that you could easily ignore. My advice? Don’t. If you enjoy artists as varied as Neutral Milk Hotel, Mumford & Sons, Ben Folds, Barenaked Ladies, Bill Withers, James Taylor, and Elvis Costello then you will love this album.


Reviewed by mark1340


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