Totally Mild

Down Time

Bedroom Suck Records

Release Date: June 17, 2015

Totally Mild are a band from Melbourne, Australia. Upon first listen their sound is not all that original, as they draw obvious comparisons to bands like Beach House and Best Coast. However, fans of the aforementioned bands will hardly mind this lack of ingenuity in an already male-dominated music world.
What Totally Mild have not failed to grasp is the importance of simplicity in pop music, and coupled with beautiful vocals and pristine guitar tones that simplicity can be easy to welcome. The music is pop at its core, albeit delivered with an unmistakable shoegazer vibe. The first single, "Move On", is catchy in a way that doesn't necessarily leave a hook or lyric stuck in your head, but instead an overall tone is left ringing in your ears. The drums are simple and played perfectly in such a way that does not distract from the melodies. There are plenty of harmonies between the guitar and vocals to fill in the sonic landscape that leaves a dreamlike impression. 
The second single, "Christa", is not the intentional pop masterpiece but more a song that becomes powerful as you let it sink in. Again the vocals are sung in a range that is remarkably beautiful and accented by droning guitars.
While Totally Mild have created a sound reminiscent of others, they have managed to make something more than worthwhile. Elizabeth Mitchell is in a league of her own when it comes to successfully using an extremely unique vocal pitch in music that is genuinely palpable, and the production quality and musicianship leave nothing to be desired. The only thing left to be seen is how many will discover this gem in a world overcrowded by bands.
Reviewed by: James 1340

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