Kitty In A Casket

Kiss & Hell

SPV Records

Release date:  March 18, 2016

Austrian horror punk n’ rollers Kitty In A Casket are back!  Rejoice ghouls and boys!  Last we heard from the European masters of horror punk, fronted by the eye catching and ear pleasing Kitty Casket, was 2013’s Bittersweet.  The band’s mix of punk rock, rockabilly, and straight ahead rock is as infectious as a zombie virus accidentally released from a secret government lab.  Monstrous lyrics and sing along choruses ride high on top of great performances by guitarists Billy the Bat and Todd Flash, driving drumming from Max Van Angst and the alternating electric bass and upright bass of Tom Mooner.  The result is a mix of Misfits style punk, Tiger Army’s dark rockabilly, and Lit’s penchant for writing catchy guitar-driven rock songs.  

Never ones to do the expected, the first instrument heard on Kiss & Hell is a ukulele.  Despite the surprising opening, it takes less than five seconds for “Sticks And Stones” to erupt into rockabilly punk monster.  The upbeat rock tempo established propels Kiss & Hell forward, with the second track, “Lurking In the Dark,” amping up the energy even further.  The creepy lyrics of this track are perfectly accented by an even creepier organ, giving the song a B-movie soundtrack feel.  “Of Cats and Demons” is a perfect pop punk diamond, while “Red, Sweet Red” verges on the hardcore territory the Misfits trod on “Death Comes Ripping” from Earth A.D. (1983).  “Straight To Hell” is a 1950s inspired rocker with a dark punk rock bite.  Energy ripples through every song on this album like the muscles below a werewolf’s skin.  

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact genre for Kitty In A Casket.  While there’s a definite punk rock vein that runs through all of these, this is a band that does as they please.  “San Tropez” is poppy guitar rock.  Bonus track “Gone” is an acoustic number that borders on country with slide guitar and a heartfelt vocal melody.  Aside from punk leanings, its huge choruses that bind these songs into a cohesive listen.  Each song has the kind of chorus that leaves the listener singing along the first time they hear it.   Whether it’s darker, hardcore influenced fare, or sweet folk stylings, the choruses on this release are impossible to resist.  Once through this album and you’ll find yourself crooning along about lost love, lurking beasties and supping on blood.  No matter what style you choose to call this, there is no doubt that each song has been written by a master of the craft.  

Kitty In A Casket creates fun horror punk and great rock songs.  The energy and appeal of Kiss & Hell is undeniable, and fans of nearly any genre of guitar-based rock will find something to like on this release.  It’s time to see Kitty and her band storm the US and get the respect they deserve! 

Reviewed by Jim 1340


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