The Circle Binds

Broken Circles

Release Date: June 23, 2015

North Dakota based rock outfit Glower released their album The Circle Binds in June 2015. The band prides itself on being alternative rock, and their sound has a genuine feel that resonates tones from a time when bands were more preoccupied with sounding cool than looking hip.

Glower puts out a 90's vibe that successfully blends with the polished production of modern studio quality. The guitars sound thick with plenty of distortion, but not fuzzy. The songwriting is solid but it is in the choruses that listeners will start to appreciate what this band is really about. There are plenty of catchy hooks and meaningful prose dispersed throughout the record. The opening track, "Low Motion", starts right off the bat with vocals delivered with passion and a tinge of attitude along the lines of Billy Corgan. Lyrics like "and if we really wanna fly away/ we're gonna have to bring it back around to where we started out/ and I think we're gonna make it today" bring a positive vibe to the record that is reminiscent of 90's alternative bands like Oasis and The Stone Roses. The band continues with their hard hitting anthemic jams before pulling back on the throttle for the acoustic driven title track "The Circle Binds", which builds nicely throughout the song by layering guitars.

While Glower's sound may not be overly exciting for a generation used to hearing Nirvana overplayed on mainstream radio, they are somewhat of a novelty that surely will be appreciated by fans of Smashing Pumpkins and early Brand New. This band has reached a point where their best foot is already forward. Now it is up to the masses to decide whether or not they feel sentimental enough to spend their cash on a band that has solidly rehashed ideas from a time past, albeit with a fresh new coat of paint.


Reviewed by: James 1340


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