Mother Feather

Mother Feather

Metal Blade Records

Release Date: May 13, 2016

New York City’s Mother Feather was born from the desire to let the magic of the world-renowned city shine again. Tired of writing self-depreciating, lovelorn tunes, vocalist Ann Courtney decided to inspire the world with her own brand of Pop Cock Rock and enlisted her best friends to help her pull it off. The band’s self-titled Metal Blade Records release collects the band’s two independently released EPs and couples them with the new songs “Natural Disaster” and “The Power.”

I really, really dig this album. I have a soft spot for anthems and for great Pop hooks and Mother Feather has both in spades. The upbeat and funky sound of “Trampoline” is probably my favorite tune here. It has a sort of gutter Disco sound to it and some really clever lyrics (innuendos make everything better!), but most of all it’s just a ton of fun. The gentler “Beach House” feels just like one with sexier vocal work and a driving Rock undertone that keeps the song from becoming boring. Musically it reminds me a bit of The Police. “Natural Disaster” brings a grittier tone to the album. It plods along, encouraging you to pump your fist and headbang along. “Living Breathing” has the same gritty tone but is a lot more uptempo giving it a stadium-sized Rock and Roll appeal. Likewise, “Egyptology” takes the album out on a big ol’ Hard Rock note. 

While Mother Feather isn’t something you haven’t heard before, you certainly haven’t heard it quite this way. Really. Damn. Good. The album has a familiar feel with the chug of guitars and catchy melodies, incorporating just enough keyboard work to make it feel poppy. This is an album full of upbeat Rock anthems that any fan of great music will certainly enjoy. Give this Mother Feather a chance or risk missing the birth of Rock and Roll’s next wave!


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