Aquatic Occult

Metal Blade Records

Release Date: April 8, 2016

After twenty years of dues paying, T-Roy has arrived at Metal Blade Records with Aquatic Occult, his best effort in a very, very long time. While Sourvein has always been known in Sludge/Doom Metal circles, they have also always graced the outskirts of it. This album brings them to the forefront though with its powerful guitar work and back alley grit. 

The album kicks off with “Tempest (of Desire),” an instrumental that leads into the Sabbath fueled “Avian Dawn.” The band grooves right on with their murky, mystical fuzz front and center topped by the straightforward, street-wise vocals. “In the Wind” is another standout moment. The guitars come to life like a background vocalist with their huge sound and creepy tones. The song twists and trudges through the heavy tones and melancholy vocals and in the process it becomes something truly unique and refreshing. “Aquanaut” stood out to me as well due to its faster tempo and almost progressive feel. While it’s still got plenty of doom and gloom to it, the verses and breaks are like sirens calling reminding me of the very early works of Savatage musically. There is a lot of psychedelia incorporated into the songs as well, which helps lend credence to the album title and theme. 

Overall, this is an excellent record from a pretty underrated band. Sourvein doesn’t make records that often so when they do, T-Roy always makes it count and Aquatic Occult is no exception! As a matter of fact, this one is a lot more amped up than Black Fangs if you are looking for a comparison.  If you enjoy Sludge/Doom Metal then you don’t want to miss out on this one. It’s as pure as they come.


Reviewed by mark1340


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