This is Where Death Begins

Out Of Line Music

Release Date: June 3, 2016

Led by frontman/mastermind Andy LaPlegua, Combichrist has been storming the dance and industrial chart since 2003. This is Where Death Begins continues to build their reputation as one of the best Aggrotech (Editor’s Note-We used to call this Industrial, right? Man, I feel old.) bands in the scene today. 

While I dig both Industrial/Aggrotech and EDM, I am a Metal guy at heart so it always comes down to energy and aggression for me. Combichrist has both in spades on this album. “Glitchteeth” is one of the highlights here for me because it spotlights LaPlegua’s talent for using his gadgetry to craft great songs instead of just using them as an enhancement. It couples well with the more electronic vibe of “Exit Eternity”- both songs are musically heavy but entirely danceable as well. They remind me of how great this genre still is, despite its declining size. 

“Destroy Everything” and “My Life My Rules” (which reminds me a bit of Prong) have your back if you are a fan of the band’s Metal leanings. Both are full-on assaults on the senses that focus on the angry guitars and exorcism vocals. “Skullcrusher” and the title track have the same qualities but manage to go to a slightly different place by allowing its electronic stomp to take over. It’s “Black Tar Dove (Part 2)” (“Part 1” is an instrumental intro) that takes the cake for me though. This song is un-friggin-believable! It’s dark and aggressive and pissed off, sounding like the bastard cousin of Converge and late-career Zao.

This album certainly will capture the attention of fans that dig early Marilyn Manson, Circle of Dust, Hanzel und Gretyl, or Augenkristall. It’s a wall of sound that marches through the album stomping everything in its path. Combichrist’s This Is Where Death Begins breathes new life into a fading genre. 


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