New Design

Far From Home


Release Date: June 30, 2015

New Design are another in a long list of pop-punk emo bands that take a large part of their influence from the likes of Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. This is the same offshoot of emo that has grown to include a number of successful bands such as Balance and Composure, Daylight, and Pentimento. New Design have incorporated a softer approach through the use of guitars doused in reverb and delay.
Hailing from Brampton, Ontario, New Design are a talented four-piece who have put an incredible amount of work into their latest release, Far From Home. The album begins with the atmospheric intro "When We Drown" before moving into the meatier parts of the album. The single, "I've Never Seen The Ocean," is chock full of intricately layered guitar riffs and gang vocals, with a few sparse moments followed by intense eruptions of sound. There are plenty of dynamic changes and ethereal tones to keep the listeners attention for the entirety of the album. Midway through the album is placed an instrumental track called "Solaris" in which the band shows a strong ability to build a song to climax over the course of three minutes. 
New Design seem to have continued in the spectrum of their genre by writing songs not in the traditional format of verses and choruses but by deliberately placing riff after riff in a way that constantly leaves the listener wondering what is coming next and most often leaving them quite surprised. It is this mode of songwriting that has the potential to leave many listeners wanting for something that never truly arrives. However, for the growing number that prefer this orchestration of organized chaos, Far From Home will be a welcome addition to their music collection.
Reviewed by: James 1340

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