The Getaway

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Getaway

Warner Bros. Records

Release Date: June 17, 2016

To be honest, for those of us that have been there since the early days there are a lot of red flags regarding The Getaway. From the trendy looking album cover to the band partnering with Dangermouse (in lieu of Rick Rubin) to a new guitarist, everything about this album screams, “Be careful, man!” One thing is for sure, this ain’t your momma’s Red Hot Chili Peppers. Much like Jane’s Addiction, fame, age, and sobriety have certainly mellowed these guys out (just like the rest of us) and The Getaway is sort of the culmination of that.

The album starts off with its strongest pair of tunes. The title track kicks it all off with the funky bass and stuttering guitars that you would expect. While melancholy, it’s a really damn good song that sets an intimate tone for the album, which is certainly the vibe they are going for. “Dark Necessities” creeps in next, employing a piano and a funky bassline as Kiedis gets a little soulful vocally. The wah-wah guitars fill in the background before it crescendos into a melodic, yet atmospheric chorus.

Unfortunately, the album goes downhill fast after the initial tracks. “Go Robot” is worth mentioning but it’s old-school funk pump never quite gets off the ground with Dangermouse sprinkling electronic bits all over the place and Kiedis insistence on singing throughout the entire album. “Detroit” gets a little heavier and tries to bring that positive, anthemic vibe back into the mix but it’s lack of ballsy guitar work hurts it and the chorus sounds like the whole thing is falling apart, from Kiedis off-key vocal to the mix being terrible.  Another interesting note is that Kiedis employs the lower-register vocal that he has been using on and off for probably a decade now and it’s disappointing that he doesn’t even attempt to break free from it all that much.

There are no anthems to speak of here and while technically proficient and cool at first, the laid back vibe gets old pretty quick. At the end of it all, The Getaway makes you long for the positive energy that makes the Chili Peppers who they are. For me, this one feels like it should have been called Dangermouse featuring The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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