Jonathan Cavier


Peach Candle Flame

Release Date: June 17, 2016

Originally from Northern California, Jonathan Cavier has spent his most recent years in Arizona performing as one half of the atmospheric Pop group Eye Talk. With influences from Morrissey to David Bowie to Duran, Cavier places his own stamp on the world of Pop music with his debut solo album, Premier.

While Premier certainly has some common ground with Eye Talk, Cavier takes a much more upbeat approach here, blending Pop with Singer/Songwriter and a little dash of soul. Album opener “January” is a good example of what you’ll hear on Premier. It’s light and summery with an acoustic bottom end that is rounded out by mild orchestration and Cavier’s soulful vocals. “Comes a Moment” is another favorite of mine here. It is primarily an acoustic anthem but the inclusion of the rhythm section at times and a really cool saxophone solo amp it up enough to get your blood pumpin’. It reminds me a bit of Lost Highway era Bon Jovi. The latest single, “Pearl” has a bit of a world music vibe just under the surface, which makes it a slightly different feeling kind of love song. “Are You In Love,” on the other hand, has a more modern sound to it that will be right at home on an Adult Contemporary playlist.

Premier is an album full of good vibes. Most of the tunes are mildly love song oriented, but not in an irritating way. The musicianship is very strong, but, for me, Cavier’s voice is hit and miss. When he hits it right on he’s excellent, but there are a few times where he falls a little flat vocally and brings the energy down a bit. Overall though, this is a very good debut that reminds me of Howard Jones early work, Paul Q-Pek, and Bon Jovi’s ballads. If you primarily enjoy Pop, Adult Contemporary, or Singer/Songwriter music then you should definitely check out Jonathan Cavier’s Premier.

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