Stolen Jars


Release Date: August 28, 2105

Folk rock band Stolen Jars are fronted by Cody Fitzgerald and Molly Grund. Their latest LP, Kept, features Fitzgerald handling the lead vocals while Grund adds brief moments of backing vocals. The band's sound fits right in with the likes of The Avett Brothers and Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros.

The songwriting is thoughtful, with most songs featuring staccato guitar picking and a slow build up that culminates over the length of the song. This results in powerful moments several times throughout the album. The guitars are played with significant talent and are usually layered several times with different effects to help fill out the sound. The female backing vocals complement Fitzgerald's smooth vocal tones, while the drums provide one of the more creative elements to this band. The snare sounds almost like a click and the minimal use of cymbals give the rhythm section a very raw, organic feel.

While Stolen Jars have almost perfected the nuances of their unique sound, they insist on writing sporadic arrangements that often fail to designate a powerful chorus to the listener. There are times where the songs feel legitimately dragged out. It is definitely an interesting departure from the pop songwriting of many folk rock bands, but hopefully Stolen Jars will continue to work their craft and harness their strong abilities into a more succinct, organized effort.
Reviewed by: James 1340

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