'Til You're Mine

Dog Party

'Til You're Mine

Asian Man Records

Release Date: August 5, 2016




Dog Party has always struck me as one of those bands that someday we'll look back on and reference as the band that the Giles sisters were in before they launched their massively successful highly intelligent something rock band. 'Til You're Mine is their FIFTH release and their fourth full-length. Dog Party is closer to having been around for a decade than a week and the members of the band's average age is 19.  This blows my mind.


So for the uninitiated, Dog Party is a two piece (guitar/vox & drums/vox) that melds the churning buzz saw guitars with youthful unabashed energy and pop melodies. Wash, rinse, repeat. While there are ties to the Riot Grrl movement here, there’s very little musically tied to Bratmobile and Bikini Kill. Just fun sing along pop-punk done almost perfectly. Imagine a female fronted Life In General era MxPx with stronger surf undertones and you wouldn’t be too far off.


I found Dog Party’s IV to be highly monotonous. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time, but it just slurred together into two sides instead of a series of individual tracks. ‘Til You’re Mine is not the same. Be it the surf pop of “Round ‘N’ Round” or the chunky staccato guitar/vocal steps taken in “The Look” this album has enough variety to keep anyones attention while blasting punk riffs in your ear. The strongest track on the album is the closer of the A side “And I Did”. it’s an absolute surf-punk masterpiece. 


The B-Side continues with the beach theme with a cover of The Traditional Fools “Lay Back”. The second half of the record also includes a cover of Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” that rocks, but shows just how different Dog Party’s original material is from traditional Riot Grrl punk. Personally, I’m not that impressed by Dog Party’s choice of covers here but tracks like “Whoa” and “What Do I Want” are strong. The closer “Caffeine” is also a perfect 20 second tribute to everyone’s drug of choice.


For me ‘Til You’re Mine is Dog Party coming into their own. It’s a solid album that shows these two young ladies coming into their own completely. I’m excited to see what comes next from them as they grow up and move away to college. We’ve now seen what Dog Party will become and it’s something awesome.


Reviewed by: Rob 1340




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