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Got It Made

Rude Records

Release date: July 15, 2016

Punk rock is an ever-evolving beast.  Every few years a new chimera bursts forth with one foot in the cesspool that birthed the angst-ridden genre and the other firmly planted on foreign soil never trodden upon by the punk warriors of old.  Thankfully, there are bands like Guttermouth that stand their ground in the fetid trenches of punk rock.  Since their debut in 1989 the band has created loud, sarcastic, offensive music.  The band may have grown up since their early years, but the music and the attitude that fuels it never has.  Got It Made is filled with the same fast paced riffs and venomous wit that make bands like The Vandals fun, and have become a hallmark of the Guttermouth sound. 

“The Point” roars to life and the listener is immediately brought back to the Huntington Beach punk scene of the 1990s.  With traditional Guttermouth snark singer Mark Adkins, the band’s sole remaining original member, exclaims “I did it, what’s the point?” and takes a scathing call from a pissed off girlfriend.  “Freckles The Pony” follows with a similar drive and energy, but a more lighthearted feel.  “I’ve Got It Made” proclaims the joys of a party lifestyle compared to the nine to five world.  In a lyrical about face “A Punk Rock Tale of Woe” finds Adkins telling a tattooed punk who is depressed with his inability to get a job “Get out, get out, it’s time to take a different route.”  “A Shitty Situation” echoes the opening track both in its lyrical content and it’s tone.  Got It Made closes with “Old Man,” a song that perfectly captures the acerbic lyrics that have made Guttermouth both loved and hated over the years, with a  chorus of “Your wife is an inbred who married an idiot, it’s not surprise that your kids are deformed.” 

As genres continue to mingle ever more, the straightforward punk rock of bands like Guttermouth has become rare, and is a welcome treat for fans.  The genre veterans provide fast paced songs with fury and wit.  Crisp production provides a modern sound that makes this EP more than just a trip down memory lane with a favorite band.  Guttermouth is still a thriving, pulsing, offensive entity spewing forth vitriol on all that cross their path.  The six songs on Got It Made bring me back to when punk rock was dangerous, and that’s a good thing. 

Reviewed by Jim 1340


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