Unsaved Progress [Explicit]

Double Experience

Unsaved Progress

Colfax Music


Release date:  September 6, 2016

The best bands create an identity that strikes a chord with listeners.  In the best cases it’s less of a gimmick and more of a personality that embeds songs in the listener’s mind, in a special spot that only those snippets of bliss inhabit.  Canadian power trio Double Experience do just that.  Their nerdy take on alt-metal falls somewhere between the heavy creativity of Coheed And Cambria, and the hooky brilliance of Weezer.  Lyrically, the band mines sci-fi and video game themes without limiting content to that area only.  The result is original metal with huge pop hooks that hit the listener hard.  The impressive results can be heard on their third album, Unsaved Progress.  

My first listen to this album nearly caused me whiplash.  After a 12 second build up, “SOFINe” explodes into a thumping metal verse, only to give way to a chorus that could make an arena full of fans break out in jubilant destruction.  Between the sudden snap of my neck to check the display on my stereo to see that I was listening to and the uncontrollable headbanging that took place, I nearly needed a neck brace after a single song.  To my joy, the remaining 8 songs were no less impressive.  “AAA” uses video game analogies to paint a picture of desire transmitted by vocals that intermittently bring to mind Claudio Sanchez (Coheed And Cambria) and Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy).  “The Glimmer Shot” gives a nod to the melodic hard rock of the 1980s, building tension during the verses and releasing it with a bombastic chorus.  Double Experience demands the listener’s attention.  

Nearly any song on this album could be pointed to as a highlight.   “See You Soon” has a quirky beat and catchy chorus, creating an alloy from prog rock and pop melody that is overwhelmingly enjoyable.  A cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s classic “Godzilla” easily outstrips the original in power and immediacy.  “Weakened Warriors” shows off a constantly changing riff that highlights how well the band clicks, moving seamlessly between tempos and patterns.  Double Experience creates music that is immersive. These songs hold the listener in their grasp, creating waves of power and melody.  Unsaved Progress is so good I bought the band’s previous releases after listening to this album .  What higher compliment can I give?  

Reviewed by Jim 1340


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