The Lovely Days

The Lovely Days

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Aussie Pop Rockers The Lovely Days are making their U.S. debut with their new, self-titled, EP, which was recorded all over Australia, in both fancy studios and people’s bedrooms. You gotta love the digital age, right?! The band are comprised of brothers Tennyson Nobel, 23 [keys, vocals] Holden Nobel, 25 [bass, vocals] along with Stephen Dickie, 22 [guitar b/vs] and Jackson McIvor, 21 [drums]. 

While their love of artists like Jellyfish, Blur, and the almighty Beatles is obvious, they still fit very well into today’s retro Indie Rock scene. The band come out with guns blazin’ on their first single “Lordness.” It’s a bouncy rocker that blends their Pop and Rock influences together in a pretty fun way. It’s certainly the life of the party here with it’s catchy riff and background “ooh-ing. A great choice to kick off the album! “You” is a similar tune that doesn’t quite reach the heights that “Lordness” does. 

Meanwhile, “Saffron Shine” is highlights the mid-sixties style production style with bell-bottom inspired melodies and “Moving In” brings a Southern Rock tinge to the mix with lyrics about… well…moving in together. It’s pretty easy to have a love/hate relationship to this song in particular. 

The exception to the rule here is the soulful “From Where You’d Rather Be,” which has a bit of a deep cut Bill Withers feel to it and the organ work gives it a wildly nostalgic feel. If you take away the fuzzy guitar breaks, it’d very much feel like I imagine summer nights in the 1970’s felt like in Harlem. 

Overall, this is a fun album. It’s got a bright sound and almost all the songs are up tempo and very easy to sing along to. While I enjoy this it’s also not something I see myself seeking out a lot. It’s definitely worth picking up if you really dig any of the aforementioned bands,or just poppy fun bands in general.


Reviewed by: Mark 1340


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