The Pale - EP

William Control

Revelations: The Pale

Control Records

Release date:  October 14, 2016

WiL Francis is a musical chameleon.  A chimaera of sorts.  While Aiden was still active, and a powerful force on the punk scene, tearing up Warped Tours and generally causing a sensation, Francis began making electronic music under the moniker William Control, and shocked the world with his debut, Hate Culture, in 2008.  With its dark sythnpop and new wave stylings, this album was vast diversion from Francis’ work in Aiden, and he embraced it by creating the persona of its narrator, taking this new name for his own.  Quickly embraced by fans both old and new, a rabid public awaits Revelations: The Pale, the first EP of four that will comprise the fifth William Control studio album.  

At this juncture the William Control sound is well defined, and the four tracks that comprise this release do not step outside that box.  The energy that radiates from the speakers when these songs play tells me that this isn’t a failing, and might even be the album’s strength.  “The Monster” is synth driven darkwave that brings to mind the best moments of Depeche Mode.  The lyrics mine dark themes and the most desperate of human emotions.  “Confess” takes things even one step darker, and brings to mind lyrics from Hate Culture in their dark narcissism.  “Mother Superior” uses 1980’s style electric percussion and ethereal keyboards to create the kind of atmosphere the Pet Shop Boys created on their darkest moments.  “When The Love Is Pain” picks up the tempo a bit to end this quartet of offerings on a note that leaves the listener waiting breathless for the next note.  

What ties these four songs together is Control’s ability to write a catchy hook.  Each song has a chorus that bring an exultant note to the dark imagery these tracks create.  It’s difficult to not crank up the volume and sing along each time one of these choruses starts to pulse from my speakers.  While this music is dark, it’s a darkness that dares you to join it and be embraced by its mystery.  Fans of Depeche Mode, New Order and The Cruxshadows will feel right at home brooding to the misery of the lyrics or dancing to the pulsing beat of the music.  

Reviewed by Jim 1340


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