Broken Flesh

Broken Flesh

Luxor Records

Release Date: September 4, 2015

Broken Flesh are a brutal death metal band from Oklahoma City. This is the band’s fourth album and they have played alongside such heavyweights as Whitechapel, Dying Fetus, and Cannibal Corpse, among others. While that’s a cool accomplishment for most aspiring death metal bands, it’s wildly more impressive when you consider the fact that Broken Flesh is a Christian band. The album includes all new material as well as two re-recorded songs from the bands 2009 debut Forever in Flames, which featured a different singer. 

This is my first exposure to Broken Flesh and, honestly, I’m fairly embarrassed that I’ve been missing the boat. The album opens with the pummeling “Valley of Mass Crucifixion.” It’s  a fast-paced beast that has a death metal stomp driving it, giving it a weird underlying semi-Pantera vibe. It launches brilliantly into the non-stop grind of “Blood Harvest.” “Hell” is similar in vibe to “Valley of Mass Crucifixion” but captures a bit more grindcore with buried guitar squeals and vocals that barely stop to take a breath. The drumming is damn near perfect on this song finding a lot of suave in short grooves and blast beats alike. The first single, “Unworthy” is another monster of a tune. The staccato riffs that trade off with the blast beats are brutal as all get out and when the  band takes a breather so the bass can rumble on its own for a few seconds, it’s just sick man. 

While the thought that a Christian band could make an album as good as Broken Flesh  in 2015 makes me a little giddy, it also makes the old schooler in me very proud. This is an album that stands toe to toe with the original trio of Mortification albums, the original trio of Tourniquet albums, Vengeance Rising’s Human Sacrifice, Extol’s Undeceived and Antestor’s Return of the Black Death. In other words, this is one of only a handful of Christian extreme metal albums that are better than most of their extreme metal contemporaries. Any true death metal fan will love this album! 


Reviewed by Mark 1340


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