Opt aut sic eco s/t cassette

Opt Aut Sic Eco

Opt Aut Sic Eco

Middle Man Records

Release Date: January 30, 2017


Synth oriented hardcore is something that will grab my attention every time. From the day I heard The Locust for the first time I’ve been obsessed with how bands can pair synths together with screams and spastic drumming. Opt Aut Sic Eco are a bit of a super band consisting of members of Ostraca, .gif from god, Plague Walker, Hive Mind, Lickgoldensky and Coma Regalia. How this release avoided being a series of splits is beyond me. I’m amazed by how each of these bands’ members can continue to crank out the hits. When news of this release hit my timeline I was all over Shawn from Middle Man to get my hands on a copy and by gosh, it did not disappoint.

So what does Opt Aut Sic Eco sound like? Hmm… well, there are obvious influences of each of the member bands respective catalogs. For other reference points, there are moments that sound like The Devil Wears Prada, other points sound like Hot Nerds older hardcore brother, a few moments that remind of later Locust. Best of all though is the Mario dungeon/Myst synth sound that drives it all. For me, the standout tracks on the album are “The Hunger” or “You One Of Them Super Draculas”. Being totally honest, though, my one complaint is that the synth tone does get a little monotonous through the album and could use some variety.

Middle Man has chosen to go the tape route with this one, putting this out on a nice clear blue tint tape. If you are a fan of synths or screamy hardcore emo, then this would be a solid addition to your collection. Also, to all the video game developers out there, maybe you should consider this one for your next soundtrack?

Reviewed by: Rob 1340


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