Carpe Noctum (Live)

Armored Saint

Carpe Noctum (Live)

Metal Blade

Release Date: February 24, 2017

Born in 1982, fans familiar with eighties Heavy Metal have long considered Armored Saint to be one of the best band’s you’ve probably never heard of. Thanks to the band’s classic albums rising to cult status during the nineties while vocalist Jon Bush was fronting Anthrax, the band eventually returned and are arguably more popular now than they were in their heyday. Their latest offering, Carpe Noctum, captures them at their best…live.

To say that this band is a beast live would be an understatement and Carpe Noctum documents the fact extremely well. Everything is crisp and clear, from the wailing guitar solos to the pounding rhythm work to Bush’s classic voice. As the band rips through “March of the Saint,” Bush sounds so much like a young Bruce Dickinson that you have to wonder why Iron Maiden didn’t call him in the nineties. The guitars drive it along, giving it a thicker, fuller sound than it had in its original form. “Aftermath” is another great turn that, live, ends up sounding a lot more epic than I had previously given it credit for. During the midsection when it’s just Bush and the guitar, it’s as powerful as they come.  Also, “Win Hands Down” kicks off the show as a firm reminder that the band are still churning out favorites late in their career. The studio album was killer but the energy from the live version is even better. 

Few bands of this era still sound this good. The band sounds modern and relevant even when playing the staples despite their more Traditional Metal bent. If you can’t catch a tour/show then Carpe Noctum will do you pretty well. This is one of the most energetic and professional sounding live recordings I have heard and longtime fans will be beyond pleased with it. I won’t hesitate mind to say that this also serves as an excellent entry point for those interested in checking out these cult heroes. 

Reviewed by mark1340


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